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The plot and story focuses around Eliot, a human from our world and his story after he mysteriously wakes up in a foreign world where his only lifeline is a werewolf-like person that is willing to help Eliot find a way to the nearest safe place, however the road there is a long one and their vastly different lives will make living and understanding each other a difficult challenge to face while traveling.I want this story to focus on the characters, their wants and needs, the way they view things and their ability to communicate with each other to make this new uncomfortable lifestyle bearable as they gradually learn how to live together.What Have you planned for this project?For the technical side, I plan for this project to be something as high quality as i can make it, with most character's expression and poses being unique and non-reusable, with some of said expressions and some elements that'd id want to animate, if possible, with a good soundtrack that I'll commission

You can permanently turn off the blur effect in the settings.