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Bitter, Sticky, Cold and Poison / 《苦》《黏》《寒》《毒》四部曲
Bitter, Sticky, Cold and Poison / 《苦》《黏》《寒》《毒》四部曲
Information updated at: 02/19/2022 6:21 PM


#BitterQixiang is a dog furry working as a detective, one day on his way home from work was robbed by a lion furry Lingzi. After subduing Lingzi, Qixiang did not arrest him, but wanted to help him get on the right track ......#StickyJiaoyu is an furry who is involved in drug trafficking. He once happened to pass by a hotel and became interested in the owner, Niannian, a fox furry ......#ColdThe story goes back to the time when Qixiang was in the police academy and his class teacher was Jiaoyu ......#PoisonThe fourth installment in the series, which picks up where the previous three installments all left off.

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