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NOTE: DO NOT PUT THE GAME DIRECTORY IN A CLOUD SYNC FOLDER! THIS WILL BREAK THE GAME! THIS GAME IS NOT SUPPORTED FOR MOBILE PHONES!We highly recommend you use the launcher to download this game, as future patches will automatically download when they're pushed!#GROVE v0.204Minor bugfix patch, alongside the release of experimental Linux and macOS builds#GROVE v0.2 - "North & South"Set out into new directions and continue the story of Grove and his exploration of the Northern Extents! More story, more characters, more enemies and lewd scenes for you all to enjoy! This new content is aimed towards characters at level 5-7 and is hoped to last from 2-3 hours at a reasonable pace!OverviewNOTE! This game is in active development. Features will be incomplete.Grove” is an M/M focused NSFW RPG following the journey of an adventurer as he attempts to venture into the far north of an unexplo

You can permanently turn off the blur effect in the settings.