Heroic Sphere - Episode1: CyberWolf

02/19/2022 6:21 PM


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Heroic Sphere is a suite of erotic visual novels [Eroge] that takes place in a futuristic cartoon world filled with hunky superhero beasts. [BARA/FURRY]

You can play the entire game for free by using the short version of the game but you will just have 1 path available.

The game features 3 Bad endings and 1 canon ending. 20k + words, No censorship, sound effects and some portraits/animation variations(no CG), multiple paths and 30-45 minutes of gameplay to unlock everything. Be aware that the game features A Lot of diverse kinks the only limit being no underage, extreme vore, gore and scat content especially for the side events. The main story will mainly focus around mind alteration and corruption.

Each episode puts you in a different character and let you share his POV of the situation while advancing the main story (no same episode with different POV)


Producer / Screenwriter / Programmer / Artist

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