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Return" is an orc text adventure game originally created by an independent team in Taiwan. Set in the alien world of the Second World, it tells the story of a scarred young man who has experienced various difficulties, growth, and the adventure of love with his partner after crossing over to the world of the Second World. Rich plot, vivid action animation, and the choice system can have a significant impact on the story, will let you experience a full of sad, warm and touching journey.

This is a text adventure game that will change the plot depending on your choice.

After being knocked down and unconscious in the original world, the protagonist comes to a different world - "the Second World". Determined to return to the original world, the young man will be able to use magic with his partner in the adventure, he will use the magic of his partner, as well as knowledge of the Second World, to find the way home, and at the same time to reveal the deep secret of the world unknown. ! Coma

"Everyone...saw me and ran away..." "Why...are you...still willing to approach me? The second generation hates his partner, Night, and hopes to be accepted by everyone and live a simple and happy life, but he is unable to do so. However, he never expected the dark truth behind this seemingly beautiful encounter...! ! Partner

Use magic to solve the problem

The secondary protagonist - Night is different from the ordinary people. Can not need a staff, only rely on their own hands, cast a variety of magic, and in order to protect the protagonist in the crisis-ridden alien world, to help him find the way home. ! Night 1 ! Night 2

Weak, yet strong

The main character, Wyatt, is just an ordinary person. There is no special ability. However, even without powerful magic, Wyatt is still able to warm the hearts of people with his words and become the pillar of the heart of the night and other partners. ! White

Interact with a variety of characters and collect intelligence

During the adventure, the protagonists will encounter a variety of characters, whether they are scholars who are eager to provide knowledge, or assassins who are constantly hunting them, they will block you in various capacities, but at the same time will also become your helpers. ! Characters

Learn about the characters' past

The world of the Second Age is in turmoil due to the "village destruction". People are in a state of fear and conflict, resulting in characters with sad stories of one kind or another. During the adventure, you will gradually discover their past and explore the memories of the characters. ! Past

Traveling in the crisis-ridden other world

The main stage of the story, the other world "Second World", is in a state of panic due to the extermination of the village, and the society is disintegrating with constant disputes. The protagonists will take this opportunity to venture into the various forces and gather information in order to piece together the full picture of the events of that time. ! The Second World

A story that everyone can enjoy

Return is a text adventure game. All the game content is based on the plot, there are no complicated puzzles and no difficult monsters, and the whole game is mainly played with a very light level of difficulty. As long as you are willing to open the game and watch the plot, you can have a good playing experience even if you are not good at playing games. Return Return


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