Wild Assault

06/19/2024 7:12 AM


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"Wild Assault" is a third-person shooter game developed with the Unreal 5 engine by Combat Cat Studio, dedicated to creating an animal hero war experience. In the game, you will become various animal heroes, using different weapons and tactical skills, closely cooperating with teammates, rushing to the battlefield to win victory. Intense battle atmosphere, refreshing gun shooting, unique tactical skills - animal heroes from all over the world roam between battlefields in search of different destinies and forge legendary stories in a unique plush war.

"The soul of a slaughterer is blind. Without true insight, there can be no genuine love and justice."

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Animal Heroes: Unique Traits

Anthro heroes & heroines with unique abilities based on animal instincts. Unleash their primal power with your wisdom and achieve victory!

Different styles, different origins, different goals, same battle ground!

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Shooting Combat: It's All Skill

Wild Assault provides a free-choice experience based on weapon classes.

Whether you're a cool-headed marksman or a brave assault player, in Wild Assault you can always enjoy the most exhilarating shooting experience.

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Unique Abilities: Primal & Tactical

All characters in Wild Assault have their unique abilities based on animal instincts.

It's more than just shooting combat - help the characters unleash their primal powers to achieve victory!

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Massive Battleground: 20 vs 20

Wild Assault offers a 20 vs 20 team-based battleground gaming experience.

From capturing strongholds to frontline assaults and defenses, utilize characters' high mobility on all fours and unique abilities to secure victory. It's a test of skill and strategy!

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Teamwork: Every Class is Crucial

Assault, expert, medic, marksman, and much more!

Unleash your wisdom and creativity to match different classes for the squad. Maximize the team's strength!

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