Wonder Parade

12/19/2022 9:56 PM


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Wonder Parade is a rhythm game made by Studio Quare and published by X.D. Network. The game revolves around a bunch of cute animals on a mysterious planet. You will play as their companion, play music with them and explore the unknown.

Wonder Parade revolves around a bunch of cute animals on a mysterious planet. You will play as their companion, play music with them and explore the unknown.

##Cute Art-style With a lovely art-style that would suit most people's taste, "Wonder Parade" takes you on a fresh rhythm game experience. The game also has multiple themes that would match the music, Pink Candy, Halloween, Ancient Chinese, and any you can think of!

##Excellent Music A lot of songs are from famous composers. There will be dozens of music and songs made by famous former composers worked for SEGA, KONAMI, TAITO, and many other Japanese game companies.

##Simple Control Wonder Parade also has an easy to learn two-button control that would make jumping right in fairly simple!

##Rich Content Not only the usual challenges and achievements for unlocking, but there will also be a fairytale-like story mode for you to go on a trip and get to know some more cute buddies.


Producer / Screenwriter / Programmer / Artist
Producer / Screenwriter / Programmer / Artist
WildDream Art Furry Theme Painting Competition · 2024
The public welfare painting competition hosted by WildDream Art, with the theme of animals, anthropomorphic animals, and fantasy creatures.
Go to WildDream for details

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