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The Delta Academy
The Delta Academy
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Hey There!I'm Healer Main and I'm in the process of creating a visual novel themed on a magical concept I've had floating around my brain for years. I have been so inspired by countless VNs over the past two years that I couldn't help but want to get more involved with creating my own. The primary inspirations for what I'm creating would be (in no specific order) Coming Out On Top, Extracurricular Activities, Morenatsu, and House of Beef.SynopsisThis story follows you, the main character, as you explore a brand new world of magic and beings of all shapes and sizes. You come upon your powers suddenly and wake up at The Delta Academy for Men with nothing but questions. As you learn more about magic and start befriending (and further) your fellow classmates or teachers, an uprising occurs that you feel compelled to assist with.However, things aren't always as they seem. Friends become foes, enemies become lovers, the fabric of reality itself becomes subjective. Can you ha

You can permanently turn off the blur effect in the settings.

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