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Experience a bizarre and comical adventure in a world that incorporates a cyberpunk aesthetic, where there are no humans, only dinosaurs. Run a repair store and become a top-notch mechanic. Repair equipment, talk to customers, serve drinks to customers, all to achieve your ultimate dream.

Dynopunk will bring you a bizarre and comical adventure, the story will unfold against the background of the cyberpunk world, a world in which there are no humans, only dinosaurs. You need to run a repair store to repair all kinds of broken equipment. In order to provide personalized repair solutions to each customer, you need to offer drinks as an opportunity to start in-depth conversations with them. All in an effort to make your life better, and of course the pursuit of the ultimate dream!

Imagine if the asteroid had not hit the earth, then the dinosaurs would not have become extinct, but would have continued to develop and evolve. Today, millions of years later, they live in a high-tech metropolis. Chris is one of them, he is a repair store owner, has always dreamed of building a time machine to go back in time and find true love, because he is the only remaining Tyrannosaurus Rex on Earth!

Befriending Cyber-style dinosaurs

To pay tribute to the retro style games of the 1990s, the game graphics will be presented in pixel style, and we hope that you will enjoy it. Travel to a parallel world in the future and meet several memorable game characters where carnivorous dinosaurs will represent the mighty. Enjoy a relaxing game time with the melodious melody of the lo-fi sound track. As the story progresses, the choices players make will lead to different endings.


Repairing Equipment

Ask customers for information to find the root of the problem and fix the equipment successfully. Be sure to complete the repair work skillfully and without carelessness, as this will be your entire source of income.


Talk to customers

Talk openly with your customers and offer them drinks based on their preferences. Sometimes all it takes is a cool soda or a hot cup of coffee to give you a chance to get a bigger tip.


Chasing the Dream

You will play the role of the last Tyrannosaurus Rex on Earth and embark on a journey to build a time machine in an effort to return to the past and find true love. Will this dream come true as expected?



Run your own repair store and learn the ropes of the repair business by repairing equipment in a 7-day playtime. Cut the required chip size, disassemble and replace damaged parts. You can even play a prank with customers ...... or make a little move. As for the consequences, that can only be borne by you!

This will be a good opportunity for you and the strange assistant, that is, the talking printer to jest with each other, it likes to laugh at your short arm, but also will give you a variety of repair advice, but most of these suggestions are problematic, remember to carefully screen.

Simulated beverage serving service, which will not only affect the mood of customers, but also determine the amount of tips.

Original low-fidelity acoustic tracks that will take you back to the 1980s! Pour a cup of hot tea, sit back and relax, and immerse yourself in the exciting game plot.

A variety of interesting characters will come to visit your repair store. Each character not only has a different personality, but also has their own dreams and exclusive plot, and your choice will affect the direction of the final plot.

The dialogue between the characters is full of sarcasm, jokes and sayings, and there are even Easter eggs in the game for you to discover, so you can have a good laugh!

Pixel style game graphics, inspired by the retro games of the 1990s.

Branching plot design, your dialogue with customers and the quality of repair will lead the plot to different endings.


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