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07/14/2023 12:16 AM


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In SRPG Elysium Above, you will be a Commander of state Bo to direct the heroes to fight against enemies, and defend the newly restored land that has been annexed for 11 years! Wit the era of chaos and excitement with eight heroes!

An Era of Chaos

The enfeoffed nation “Wan Yan” has enjoyed thousands of years of peace but is now on the brink of disintegration, with the flames of war devastating the land over several decades. The northern military powerhouse - Lu, has continuously absorbed neighboring countries in the past century, becoming an unrivaled force within Wan Yan. The newly-formed Seven-States Union in the south, under the leadership of Hong, opposes Lu and is trying to rally more countries to join the alliance. The primary setting of the game - the Kingdom of Bo, is caught between these two major powers.

Eleven years ago, Bo was attacked and destroyed by Lu. The old territory of Bo was occupied by Lu. Eleven years later, the crown prince Huangzhu led the allied forces from the Union in a surprise attack on the former capital of Bo and successfully reclaimed the country. However, this war of restoration might just be the beginning of a series of chaos…

In Elysium Above, players will assume the role of a mid-level commander in Bo, helping the newly restored nation to fend off the encroachment of powerful enemies through clever troop deployment and superb command. As the story progresses, you will become aware and in control of the ambitions and purposes behind various factions. What will be your next move?

  • 3D Turn-based Tactical Game
  • An epic story that Early Access offers over 20 hours of gameplay while the full version features over 40 hours
  • Eight teammates with diverse personalities and combat styles
  • (40% implemented) Forty-five skill trees with over two hundred different skills for you to mix and match
  • Over thirty characters with fully animated portraits, more than forty hand-drawn scene graphics, and a plethora of story CGs
  • Aiming to portray a complex network of interpersonal relationships and power dynamics, building a logical, robust, and persuasive worldview, and telling this story with dedication and attention to detail

To Balk the Enemy's Plans

  • Elysium Above adopts a unique "Strategy Value" system. Characters can move and use skills freely until their strategy points are depleted; however, the more strategy points consumed, the longer it will take for the character’s next turn to arrive
  • Carefully controlling the turn order bar is the key to victory! Create opportunities for consecutive actions through clever calculations and troop deployment, and eventually emerge victorious
  • You can hinder the enemy's movements by setting fires or freezing the ground. Take advantage of the terrain to thwart the advancing enemy
  • A complex and varied marking system. There are standard marks that passively enhance attributes, and strategic marks that can be manually activated. Skillful use of these marks will make “impossible” a word not in your vocabulary on the battlefield

Strategize Behind the Scenes

  • Change the effects of active skills by unlocking different points on the skill tree! Skills on the same skill tree may have completely different effects
  • (To be implemented) Pair appropriate active skills with suitable passive skills, adapting your team to complex battle situations in countless ways
  • Dozens of divine weapons or even everyday items (?) for you to collect and strengthen your team

Build Bonds Through the Heart

  • There is free time between main storylines where you can go on dates with teammates, explore their exclusive side stories, or simply practice drills on the training grounds
  • Increase your teammates’ affection and unlock more hidden storylines through dates during free time and outstanding command in battles
  • The affection levels with key teammates will determine whether critical storylines can be triggered, and may even affect the ending. If affection is too low, teammates may leave you in various ways
  • Treat your teammates sincerely: they will not naturally be interested in you, nor will they proactively seek to please you. Friendships are built on give and take


Sweet Potato Studio
Producer / Screenwriter / Art Director
Sound Designer
English Localization / English Proofreader

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