Familiar Travels

12/13/2022 10:31 PM


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Familiar Travels is a different kind of graphic adventure with a focus on diverse relationships, an important, story and forging genuine connections with the cast.


You were in a situation that many post-graduates found themselves in, degree on wall, parent's house, everywhere seem to think your degree is just as useless as you do. The uniquely disparaging Quarter Life Crisis has came to you in full force, and you have been left with nothing to do..

And when university has set us up for unreal expectations of the future, there's only one thing left to do..

Grad School.

Through insane luck or divine magic, you've received your acceptance letter to Vanaheim

Home of the Vanaheim Institute of Magic and Technology

There's only one problem, you're distinctly lacking in the magic department. In fact, this is the first time you've become aware of magic's existence.


Things have been strange over the past few weeks, and now that you’ve started to settle in it’s dawning on you exactly how much you fit in with people here, for better or for worse. The people in Vanaheim aren’t all that different than the people back home, there are bad people who make bad decisions with.. Bad consequences.

On top of that it’s felt as if your mental health has been slipping.. It’s been harder to connect to the people around you on a meaningful level.. I guess fitting in shouldn’t have been your only priority when it comes to these issues…


  • 300,000 word+ Story (Across Two Volumes)
  • A true open world with free travel, leading to a different play through every time.
  • Complete soundtrack with over 30 unique compositions
  • Over 100 unique illustrations.


Halftone Studios
Producer / Screenwriter / Programmer / Artist

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