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Travel through kingdoms destroyed by "monsters" and use wisdom to defeat tide-like enemies But can ordinary people really do it? Does the unsung adventure really make sense? In any case, this silent adventure of the road to death has quietly begun ...


Producer / Screenwriter / Programmer / Artist


About the Silenced:

The whole world is gradually coming to an end, and no one can be saved.
Only by slaying the terrifying monster that destroyed the White Wolf Kingdom, the "Beast",
everything could finally get better.

You wake up on the road to the capital city, and you have no choice.
Cross forests, valleys, and long rivers to reach the imperial capital,
annihilate countless enemies, and start the legend of yourself.

But you are just an ordinary person, no fancy skills,
no equipment to enhance your abilities.
You only have a small machete, your own mind, and your friends.

Do remember, you are not a hero who should have come here.
Maybe you shouldn't have to bear the rise and fall of the whole world.
One ordinary person's ability is ultimately limited.


About the game:

The game adopts the classic "ROGUE" style gameplay.
Only after the player moves, do the enemies move.
You can stop at any time and think about the next course of action.

This game does not have too many action game elements,
but you need to choose your actions carefully. After all,
you are just a fragile, ordinary person, any damage is fatal.

Explore deeply, familiarize yourself with the movement characteristics of various enemies,
challenge difficult hidden areas, win in numerous hidden games,
and even touch friendly furry companions.

Adventure in several unique areas of the White Wolf Kingdom,
head to the destroyed kingdom capital, defeat the tide of enemies,
make new friends, and discover the secrets of the kingdom.

Simple controls, without penalty for death, with automatic saving and level skip function,
no complex operations, no equipment skills and other attributes.
Wisdom is your only weapon.

Rich game storyline, numerous branches, your choices,
and your possessions will determine the outcome you will ultimately face.
Don't be sad, hope will surely exist somewhere.

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