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You are trapped in an experiment, trying to find ways to make you still "yourself" , persevere, and survive.

"Changed" is a difficult, action puzzle game with a lot of chase. The protagonist of the game awakened in a strange room and came to an unfamiliar laboratory building. In the adventure, he will encounter all kinds of unknown creatures, each of which can easily “plunder” his body. He can only make constant explorations and try to walk out of this dangerous building. In this deserted world, who is secretly guiding him to go out? Why is he trapped here? What happened to the outside world? All kinds of mysteries are intricate and the truth will slowly emerge from the interaction and exploration. Of course, be careful not to get lost in this building...

##Features Introduction:

  • The protagonist can only use simple movements and sprints because he is the prey of all creatures.
  • No props, even tools, all problems must be solved with wisdom and action.
  • High game difficulty, Japanese fusion RPG and I WANNA games.
  • 8-bit style music evokes childhood memories in a retro style.
  • Difficult, suitable for players who are good at watching and daring to try.
  • Understand the characteristics of creatures in one failure to escape them.
  • Interactive traps, text eggs, CG plots, many investigable items for exploration.
  • Multi-line outcomes, triggering different outcome lines based on interactions and investigations.
  • Approximately six hours of playable length (if possible).


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