The Forest of Love

08/26/2022 6:07 PM


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A top-down NSFW Furry Adventure game! Meet the neighbors, explore the forest, and unravel the mysteries within! Find out firsthand why it's called "The Forest of Love" with a charming group of raunchy critters!

The Forest

Long ago, this area was a worshipping ground for an Avatar of Lust. Creatures of all sizes would travel great lengths to meet and engage in a multitude of crazy raunchy activities. This is how they’d pay their respects.

Over the years, the lust and general raunchiness slowed down. Eventually the rumors of the forest became just that.

But the critters that inhabit it remain frisky - albeit busy with their own lives. Can’t just sleep around all day, right? Got bills to pay, mouths to feed etc.

Of course, they’re more than happy to oblige the curious traveler…

The Critters

The forest is home to critters big and small. From a big ole’ bear, to teeny tiny mice, and everything in between. Of course, size and species didn’t stop them from being romantically involved~

The neighbors have a rich history with each other. There are lifelong partners and occasional flings. Some have drifted apart while others have yet to come together…

Aside from a unique personality, each of the critters have their own interests and kinks! There’s something for everyone here in the forest!

Be sure to talk with the neighbors often! They love to share their experiences, and they won’t skip the juicy details~.

The Love

Throughout the journey, our character will find themselves in a variety of promiscuous situations with the critters of the forest. He will be taking on many roles, experiencing many different kinks, receiving, and giving to the neighbors!

As our protagonist dives deeper into debauchery, the critters will be inspired and pursue flings of their own.

Who knows what your activities might awaken…


Producer / Artist / Animation / Screenwriter / Programmer / Musician / Others
Producer / Screenwriter / Programmer
Soul of Luca

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