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06/22/2024 12:06 AM


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This "school" doesn't tolerate stupid kids--- There is only one fate for the poor students, to be locked in a tentacle room and be punished by a hole in their back, even if they cry...

The Design Philosophy behind Lintw: In Lintw... No one is born with handicaps or sickness. No one becomes suicidal. No one becomes a killer. No one is obligated to work; there are no food troubles. Children study until they are adults, in the adult world they can play until death.

In Lintw... There is a mechanism to report bad predispositions and to fix it in the next generation. The population is stable. There is no drag on children's studies. The quality of education does not vary with the times. Crime does not occur, war does not occur; police and legal systems are unnecessary. The social structure is a mesh, so a central government does not exist. This is a World that can talk like friends with anyone on first meet.

TODO: Create a page about the philosophy of the world of Lintw This world started without any "script". Tragedies were repeated that benefited neither the performers nor the audience. Our goal is to write a script for this poor world and transform it into a world that follows the plot.

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