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misc: Used to describe miscellaneous information related to the game
unpublished: The game has not been released, usually the Demo version has been released, but the author deleted and announced that the official version will be released in the future. Or the reputable author announced the upcoming game
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Nekojishi: Lin & Partners
Nekojishi: Lin & Partners
Information updated at: 05/29/2023 8:45 PM


Nekojishi: Lin & Partners is an adventure-RPG that combines adventure game gameplay with real-time debate combat! Explore a wide game world, talk to characters, and help them out in quests— solving puzzles and learning more about local history and traditions. When things come to a head, you'll need to prove the truth and face-off against spirits in real-time RPG debate battles. Make smart use of the information you've acquired to face every rebuttal of your opponents!