Games containing monkey furries

species: Describe kinds and feature of furries and humans
monkey: Main characters include monkey furries
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Chardonnay Romacia
Chardonnay Romacia
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In an idyllic town frequented by Heroes, there is a small guesthouse called the Grapes Inn that's (in)famous for a particular reason:"Feel free to find another place to stay if you can't comply with the terms. I'm sure there are many other inns suited for Heroes like you.""I won't change my mind. Even if my inn will be the only one that will never let Heroes stay in it."Its innkeeper, a young man named Rudolf, absolutely detests Heroes! But one day, through some twist of fate, a Hero lands on his doorstep.This stranger, Figaro, explains that he has lost all of his memories. Not only that, one look at Rudolf has made him fall in love at first sight! Rudolf desperately tries to drive the pesky Hero away, but circumstances force him to hire Figaro as his helper instead."But I wanna staaay! I can be your helper! Pleeeeease?"The timing couldn't have been worse as Rudolf already had his hands full with his other guests: Jey, a bibacious merchant, and Kinos, his taciturn bodyguard

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