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species: Describe kinds and feature of furries and humans
cat: Main characters include cat furries
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A mysterious plague befell ancient Celephais. What choices await the twins lost in the chaos? The Roguelite action-platformer Kelipot is here! With a rich story experience, frame-by-frame animations and hand-illustrated 2D visuals. Explore and uncover the truth beneath this twisted world!

Roman, the wolf detective plans to spend his Christmas vacation in his favorite tavern, but murder cases happened in the tavern put him to work again.

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Lost, alone and separated from family, a stray cat must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity and find their way home.

The story Tianhehui tells about an adventure of an ordinary novelist Tex who comes all the way from Moro and sets foot on this eastern continent, the country of Xi in order to draw materials and expand his horizons.Later in order to find what is stolen by a thief, very precious treasure, Tex chooses to entrust these two kind-hearted people who have a sense of justice, white Wolf and yellow tiger, Who named Baiyu and Chenhu.He then joined Team at their invitation. This is where the story begins The hidden unknown past and riddle over the years on Tex will involve him in a huge dispute which would launch a new era on this eastern continent.(Currently only Simplified Chinese but we are working on the English version.)(If you want, we welcome you to participate in English translation.)

我们的故事将从小老虎浦昼转校到风本学院的那一天开始。那天,他因为种种原因而在报到截止的最后一分钟赶到。迎接他的白虎教师语出惊人,后续的发展更是令他意想不到——而他奇妙多彩的学院新生活,也就在此时,『欢快地』拉开了序幕。《煦风新笺-Once Upon a Breeze》是一款以毛茸茸世界繁华与传统并盛的岛城『风本市』里,一所颇为特立独行的私立学校『风本学院』为主舞台的兽人题材的视觉小说。同时它又不止于小说,包括个人界面、摸摸乐等更多内置小游戏都在不断更新开发中。作为一款偏向群像的游戏,您将以包括小老虎浦昼在内的众多角色的角度来感受毛茸茸世界的学园生活,以及更多丰富绚烂的故事!已有十五位并仍在不断增加的、诸多种族的学生和教师们正在风本学院校门的另一侧等待着迎接你们!从今天开始入学吧!

Fuga: Melodies of Steel is an RPG where you place children, each with their own unique characteristics and skills, at different gun turrets in a tank to fight against the enemy.

UNDERTALE! The RPG game where you don't have to destroy anyone.

World Flipper, a pinball-themed action mobile game with pixel graphics and a retro feel. Don't miss out on this EPIC pinball adventure!

Gunfire Reborn is a level-based adventure game featuring FPS, Roguelite and RPG. Players can control heroes with various abilities to experience diverse Build gameplay, use various weapons to explore procedurally-generated levels. You can play the game alone, or join 4-player coop.

Ultimate Monster RPG! Catch monsters and battle across the Dimensions!

Midnight Fireworks is a Fourth-of-July themed sex game with a cozy summertime atmosphere, an intimate POV perspective, and an optional autoplay feature.The game originally featured a single pair of male characters, but has expanded to include a variety of swappable tops and bottoms, including female and intersex characters. More characters are still being added to the game with each update, so check back for new content every now and then!

You can permanently turn off the blur effect in the settings.

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It all starts while you're having the time of your life in Rome on a study abroad program. Just as you're settling in, you're suddenly abducted by an alien. What does he want from you? Well, he doesn't seem to want to tell you, and before you know it, you're millions of miles away from Earth on your way to an empire you know nothing about. It's a climate of turncoats and backstabbers, and you start to wonder if the alien that abducted you is the one person you can trust the most.

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In “Santa Lucia”, you take on the role of a young cat named Ben in his first semester at the University of Santa Lucia. As a child, Ben was prone to crippling headaches and blackouts. One night in his first year of high school, these pains culminated in a terrifying nightmare, which marked the beginning of recurring night terrors which have plagued his life ever since then.

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Barcelona, 1977. An ex-cop in a wheelchair witnesses a murder, and teams up with a young ambitious journalist to bring the truth to light. With camera, binoculars and transmitter in hand, uncover the town’s secrets from your balcony in this soul-searching detective mystery.

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Might makes right in the wild wood! The award-winning board game of asymmetrical woodland warfare comes to cross-platform digital play! Combine subtle strategy and bold daring to guide your forest faction to victory!

At the beginning of the second semester a new student from the countryside is transfered to a famous city school.School days promised to be interesting and fun, but something went wrong...

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You can permanently turn off the blur effect in the settings.

In My Very Own Lith, you meet a shy, black-furred feline that you can befriend, seduce, dominate, or be dominated by, and build a relationship with him or her. After that, things get strange as you finally turn to look outward, and inward…

You can permanently turn off the blur effect in the settings.

BROK is a traditional adventure game mixed with beat 'em up and RPG elements in a character-driven storyline. In a grim world where animals have replaced mankind, what kind of detective will you be?

Red Savarin, an eager and ambitious 17 year-old anthropomorphic dog, ventures through the mythical floating islands of the Shepherd Republic where specialized robots are commonplace, living a carefree life traveling with his younger sister, Chocolat, and utilizing his personalized robot, Dahak, to complete various odd jobs for money. While on a routine retrieval mission, they have a chance encounter with a mysterious boy named Elh and find a medallion that inadvertently entangles Red in something much more than he bargained for. Having taken Elh under his care, Red investigates the mystery surrounding the young boy and the strange object as he takes on monsters, sky pirates and evil robots on his road to becoming the reluctant hero that must save the world from a swiftly awakening evil.Solatorobo: Red the Hunter is an action role-playing game taking place in the Shepherd Republic, a nation high in the skies consisting of numerous floating islands. As Red, the player utilizes his personalized robot to pick up heavy items and enemies, catch and throw back projectiles, glide through the skies, and even fish for monsters. Gorgeous visuals and an amazing soundtrack bring the aerial world to life as players complete the more than 70 quests to gain the resources needed to upgrade and prepare their robot for the epic struggle to save the world from the evil about to be unleashed upon the land.

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