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A survival story set on an unknown island!

A holiday vacation goes completely wrong after your plane crashes onto an unknown island. You play as the protagonist of the story who manages to survive the crash along with a few survivors. Secrets lie uncovered on the unassuming looking island, which will be intertwined with the struggle for survival and the fates of your newly found companions.

Stranded is a visual novel that presents a number of choices which will decide the future of your own existance along with that of the group. Story progression is placed completely in the players hands- You will need to contend with both uncovering the secrets of the island and forging favourable relationships with the rest of the cast in order to achieve a perfect ending.

Warning: This game contains blood, violence, profanity, graphic descriptions of deaths, aspects of psychological horror, and features same-sex romance between mature furry adults. Viewer discretion is advised.


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