TarouTF 2016 / 太郎君TFゲー2016 (フリー)

02/22/2022 12:34 AM


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This will be the final version of the boys TF game, published in 2016.

It's made in RPG Tskool, but it's more of an adventure where you wander around and look for the TF ending rather than an RPG.

The final ending was added to the one we published at that time.

**This game is a game that has an element of transformation (Transformation) of a boy into a different creature or inorganic object. Transformation of a boy into a different creature or inorganic object.

**This game contains adult-oriented content and cannot be played by those under the age of 18. ** Please refrain from playing if you are disgusted by this game. There is no sex change element.

** Also, we would like to thank the following people for their contributions of text and pictures. Thank you!!! ** Mr. Syphilis Mr. Kuriyamariku Mr. Inotake


Producer / Screenwriter / Programmer / Artist
WildDream Art Furry Theme Painting Competition · 2024
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