The Blue Cloth

12/19/2022 10:00 PM


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Disponível em Português Brasileiro!

The Blue Cloth is a short kinetic visual novel made for the NaNoRenO game jam. It takes place in a fantasy setting on the road south of the shipping town Galebras.

Levis is a blue mage of The Circle, traveling southward to the town of Cullion. His job is to investigate a plague that had stricken the town.

Alfrin is the guard from the capitol traveling along with Levis to ensure he arrives safely.

Join them on their journey south through the lush countryside of Southern Oshova, as they reach the head of their travels.

The Blue Cloth contains graphic depictions of sex and is not intended for readers under the age of 18(Or whatever the age is of your local laws, etc.)


Producer / Screenwriter / Musician
Character Designer / Artist
Scenographer / Artist

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