Games contain the misc:not-only-furry-topic tag

misc: Used to describe miscellaneous information related to the game
not-only-furry-topic: Indicate that topic of the game is not (or not noly) a furry things. This tag should not be added when the furries occupy the majority of the main characters; if the furries are only a small part of the main characters (such as a multi-racial world where the furries are only one of them), when the topic of the game have emphasized that furries race is in a special status, such as the grudges of the furries race and other races (such as humankinds), do not add this tag and if there is no special emphasis on the speciality of the furries race (that is, the race can be replaced by The other), you should add this tag. Not to be confused with misc:outside-furry-fandom.
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